I’m Addicted to Adult Sex Toys

One of the most common disorders we have in humanity today are not merely physical in nature but also psychological.  One of them is addiction. Addiction can come in so many different forms. types just like phobias. There’s alcohol addiction, drug addiction and there is even sex addiction. But is there such a thing as sex toys addiction? Read on and find out.

My Sex Toys Addiction

Actually, this article would only focus on the vibrator as the adult toy that may or may not cause a particular dependency or addiction. Vibrators, not only the ones sold at an adult sex toys store but also at department stores as well, are one of the most popular style. A rabbit vibrator like these are the most popular sex toys money can buy in the adult toy shop world today. These toys were designed to stimulate erogenous zones in women, particularly targeting the clitoris, and the end result is an orgasm. Some of these vibrators can even produce the desired orgasmic results within seconds. Now that’s what you can call efficiency to the highest level!

But is it really addicting? Well, to a person who uses vibrators a lot and may have to depend on it for orgasms on a daily basis and cannot reach orgasm whenever they are doing sexual intercourse with a partner, it may look like it is addicting. What’s happening in that scenario is, the more often you use your vibrator, the more difficult it will be for you to climax when with a partner because let’s face it, machines were built to increase productivity and efficiency of humans in a shorter span of time. Vibrators are no different. Remember that it is still a machine. It can vibrate and stimulate a woman’s clitoris at a speed that no human possibly could reach, unless of course you are Clark Kent or Barry Allen (for the non-comic book nerds, they are Superman and the Flash, respectively and both of them can reach superhuman speeds).

I Love SexHowever, the scientific answer is really no. And by scientific, it means that there has been no published study yet pertaining to the question if vibrators can be addictive. On the other hand, the constant use of vibrators can certainly increase your tolerance and there may come a time that you have to set the speed setting up so high and it will still take you minutes to achieve seventh heaven.

So does that mean if you are a daily user, it may be time for you to use your beloved sex toy in moderation? Probably yes. After all, the old saying “too much of something is bad” is true. Look at the relationship that obese people have with food. Look at the relationship of smokers and cigarettes, alcoholics and their bottles, drug users and coke. Everything should be done in moderation. And when you decide to put your sex toy back in its box and not in your bedside drawer, who knows? You might not only save yourself but your relationship (or future relationship) too.