My Story As a Sex Superstar

When I first started out in the industry as a fashion model, I was convinced that I could not pursue a future in such an environment. The pay was ok and it netted me about $500 a day for my time, but I knew there were much bigger things ahead of me.

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A friend of mine told me about how she had female model friends that entered the adult industry and quickly reached dizzying heights of success.

The girls became famous adult movie stars, and their shoots charged as much as $10,000 per day. This is the going rate for women who make it to the top of that industry, so I decided that was the direction where I wanted to take my career.

There are different forms of modeling in the adult industry. Pornography is just a form of it, except that the models in them are sexual models. Lots of the girls on the sets were also fashion models in the early stages of their careers.

I started by doing model shoots for adult toy and brands and soon had a tidy portfolio, which I could present to future employers. The work was pretty simple and just involved posing with famous sex toy products like lelo vibrators and other paraphernalia.

The next step up was my transition to nude photo shoots, which took place without clothes but didn’t involve sex. This was more exciting work as it really allowed me to use my modeling skills and express my image through the lens. Fortunately for me, the photographers loved how my pictures came out.

I didn’t mind this work and the pay was ok at the beginning but it didn’t go much higher when I got to the top by doing shoots for Playboy and the likes. So I decided to step up into an even bigger role – the adult film industry.

Among the thousands of attractive smart women who want to get into the adult industry only a small percentage are able to find great success in it. It’s a competitive industry and I really did have to fight my way to the top.

The traditional method is to do cheap productions for less than desirable producers, but I didn’t want to do this. Too many of the girls are enthusiastic about the glamour and money in the adult industry that they forget to maintain some standards. The success rate to the top could only be one in a million, but it pays off if you do it right.

Aspiring girls should work with smaller agencies in smaller productions first and try to gain popularity. Once you become popular, you may be invited to exclusive events, participating shows with celebrities and traveling in many parts of the world. After meeting the right people and making the right contacts, very soon, you get invited into a top end production.

Make no doubt about it, to be worthy of this opportunity to make it in the sex industry, you need to have a toned body, sexual appeal, and looks that kill. You also need to be great in front of a camera and be willing do experiment with many different things that most girls would never do in their lifetime.

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